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  • Counting down

    23 December at 10:05 from atlas

    Thank you to all that have stood by me during this roller coaster year, you lifted me up and gave me strength when I had none. Your ...

  • Closing

    23 December at 10:00 from atlas

    I will be closing for 2 weeks over this period. Have a good one. 

  • Merry Christmas

    23 December at 09:57 from atlas

    Wishing you and your loved ones a safe and Merry Christmas!

  • Up and running!

    30 November at 06:56 from atlas

    It's been a very challenging year but it's all coming together now. Loving the new studio, great views, private and cool! 

  • Closed from 10 July

    27 June at 18:10 from atlas

    I will be closed for a couple of weeks while I set up my new studio in Orewa. So excited! Time for a change!

  • Please Book in Advance

    23 April at 20:16 from atlas

    I won't be taking same-day bookings until October, when my studies are completed. Thank you for understanding and continued support, I ...

  • Closed 16-20 Jan

    12 January at 07:48 from atlas

    Recharge time! 

  • Welcome 2017

    4 January at 07:03 from atlas

    A special thanks to all that have supported me throughout the past few years, it has been a challenging and wonderful journey. Many of ...

  • Stress: Body & Behaviour

    8 November at 16:54 from atlas

    Common effects of stress on your body ...

  • Effects of Stress

    8 November at 16:46 from atlas

    "If you're alive, you've got stress. Stress is a natural physical and mental reaction to both good and bad experiences that can be ...


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